Google’s $250 Billion Local Marketing Investment

It is estimated that in order to get the United States economy out of the recession, between 12 and 15 million new jobs need to be created. It has been argued that putting stimulus money into the cities and states, only served to help keep public employees on the payroll, rather than create new jobs. Arguably, with the amount of budget cuts in places such as New Jersey, particularly in areas such as education, the $800 billion stimulus didn’t even accomplish that.The continued bright spots on the horizon that has everyone’s attention are the business models of Google, Facebook and the iPad. What is the missing link between the success of companies such as these, and what is necessary to translate that success into jobs? After all, everyone uses Google to search, spends plenty of time on Facebook and for the most part leaves home with a wallet, car keys and a Smartphone – so how hard could it be to create jobs with things that everyone already uses? It is not as though using these things are really that technologically challenging. Everyone uses search, Facebook and a mobile phone these days, right?For the most part, there is widespread usage among consumers who want information and entertainment on demand, are quick to engage in social media with their friends. The problem that I found is that local business owners are not seeing the potential of internet marketing practices as they exist today.For example: Google Places.Google Places was the next iteration of Google’s business model that focused on local business listings. It was actually called Google Local Business listings up until last year. And there was also Google Favorites. A web based directory service that could do more than the Yellow Pages. However, given the number of businesses, and that fact that people only want local results, the Google business model had to focus on delivering geographically appropriate results based on the location of the person searching – a monumental task.By the end of 1st Quarter 2011, it was estimated that Google had created nearly 50 million Google Places listings for businesses in the United States. This obviously created some jobs, but at this point only at Google.You see, these were no ordinary sites – these were search engine optimized, and coordinated with Google Maps and Mobile search – and they were local. If you wanted to create one of these kinds of sites on your own, it would cost thousand of dollars to get the SEO for top ranking and also to get it to come up in properly in mobile search. Google did that for businesses listed in Google PlacesConservative estimates that the going market rate for someone to create a “Google Places Type Site” on their own – with the investment in search engine optimization, mobile functionality and compatibility, design elements to accommodate rich media and content, and the content, it would cost approximately $5,000 per site. To create Google’s 50,000,000 sites at $5,000 per site would cost $250,000,000,000 -$250 billion dollars – quite an investment on Google’s part to make sure people find what they want, from local businesses they use, whether those businesses have websites or not.Why would Google shell out $250 billion dollars of activity, value, and capacity?Economic uncertainty is the greatest obstacle facing employment, according to the second quarter Small Business Outlook Survey released by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce this month, and preventing hiring from taking place.Google knows where things are headed, because they have been trying to compete with network broadcast TV and cable TV for some time now – and have failed. They are also looking to keep market share in social media using Google+ against Facebook and the Android OS in the Smartphone arena.Google is competing on many, many fronts, and quite correctly Google is looking at how these things are used and therefore decided that the database of information needs to be established, verified and confirmed.Google did this for free and it did several important things for businesses. Things that most business owners did not and still do not realize:First, for local businesses, there was a way for customers and people looking for products and services to come up with a match that was physically related to where they were searching from – either at home or from a Smartphone.Second, for national brand advertisers and retailers, it put the value of the brand right in front of consumers who would go from looking for information about the product to information about buying the product.Third, it put large and small businesses on a level playing field. And it put brick and mortar stores in back in competition with online stores such as Amazon, who are now being required to collect taxes in certain states.Consumers now can search for the lowest price for a product, find it locally and pick it up in 15 to 20 minutes, and maybe pay a little more, or pay for shipping and handling to have it sent as quickly as possible, or have it shipped “free” pay a higher price anyway – and wait a week for delivery. But the game changer is that the local business is in the mix now – the problem is that they don’t know it.In other words, Google just pumped $250 billion of their own resources to create equity in the marketplace to make sure they stay in the game – and if you know what to do next – this is an opportunity to increase sales, profits, start new businesses, and create new jobs.

Attention Affiliate Marketers! Want to Get Your Products In Front Of Highly Targeted Audience!

If you get your products in front of a targeted market, you stand a good chance you are going to make an affiliate sale, which in turn means that you are going to your commission.Therefore if you are an affiliate marketer, you will agree that you are consistently trying to get your products in front of Highly Targeted Audience.However, you should always be conscious of staying away from spamming or even having your market regard you as spam if you intend to build a reputable business.In this article, I am going to teach a technique which is not a new technique. Still, it is an effective marketing technique especially if you are looking to market at low cost, affiliate and landing page friendly, scalable, no spam and effective marketing technique that is opened and read by your target market.You will use this technique in your marketing activities to get in front of a more Highly Targeted Audience. Irrespective of how you get in front of your audience currently.This low-cost marketing technique is Ezine Marketing. You may not have heard of Ezine Marketing before, or perhaps you are like me and have heard of it but didn’t take much note of it.However, either way, if you are not using Ezine Marketing part of your marketing activities, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.Now I would like to mention that Ezine Marketing is not spamming.I specifically mention this right now as I have recently been a victim of spam and I caught off guard was annoyed. ( and I am an affiliate marketer).This marketer was blatantly spamming my blog by leaving a comment only to promote.Even though annoyed, my thoughts went to those who are not affiliate marketers and how annoying they get.So spamming, unfortunately, is still happening despite all the great efforts to rid the world of it although there has been a significant reduction of spam to previous years.The point is that you don’t want to come across in your marketing efforts as a spammer.However, you can be more productive and effective by focussing your attention on a better and more targeted audience through ezine marketing.What Is EzinesFor those who may not have heard of it or those who are not that familiar with it?Ezine is an electronic magazine. The “E” from the word “electronic” and the “zine” from the word “magazine” is combined to make “ezine”.Similarly to subscribing to a magazine and have it delivered to your address, you would also subscribe to an ezine (which is an electronic magazine) and have it delivered to your address – this time it is to your email address.Never Going To Be Spam So please note – these ezines delivered to an audience who have subscribed to them. The result being ezine marketing is never spam.Ezines Opened And ReadEzine marketing is so effective as ezines get opened and read because the audience has all subscribed to receive them.The Ezine community is used to receiving ezines and therefore, are expecting some level of controlled marketing.Without Spamming So I hope you are noticing that Ezine marketing is a great way to get your product in front of a highly targeted audience without spamming.Build Your ListEzine marketing is a great way to build your list. It would be best if you were growing your list every day and ezines can help you build a highly targeted list as you can focus on a specific demographic age group culture etc.Affiliate Friendly And Landing Page Friendly You don’t have to be dictated by the social media platforms anymore as they force you to direct your audience, as you can send them straight to an affiliate link or to a landing page. So, therefore, Ezines are also affiliate friendly and landing page friendly.Short Mini-Course If you want to know more about getting involved with ezine marketing I have a quick mini-course to offer you that will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision to go ahead with ezine marketing or not.The course is short video training with easy to understand chunks of information so that you can put what you learn into action.It is delivered by the worlds first, and best DOE is the worlds first and best ezine resource for ezines advertising.So is this for you?So With Ezine Marketing, You Can Target Your Exact Market Avatar With Your Products1. Affordable2. Highly targeted3. Email marketing brings a high ROI4. Many ad types to choose from5. Affiliate friendly6. Capture page friendly7. Scalable

How To Make The Decision Whether To Exercise At Home Or At A Gym

The decision of where you will go to work out is a very important factor in your workout. A lot of different factors will go into this choice, and each and every one should be well looked over before you start working out. After you have made the choice of where you are going for your workout, you can then move on and find out your plan.If you exercise regularly you most likely know, exercising out of your home has many advantages. The finance dept is one of the best things to look at. With the gas prices being what they are today, it is quite obvious that you’ll save money on fuel as well as wear and tear on your vehicle by choosing to work out at home.Memberships to a gym can be and often are very expensive and may include other things that you don’t really need such as day care and maintenance of the pool. You also will not need to worry about the exercise gear because you will always be working out at your home.Keep in mind that working out at home does require financial obligation. Even though you plan to run, it is very important that you have running shoes. This statement goes to any type of equipment that you may purchase to use at home. If you go out and buy cheap equipment, you will probably get frustrated or the equipment might break leaving you ripped off.Along with the financial plus, exercising at home may also help the people that don’t like to work out in public. If you are worried about how you appear in gym clothes, it is very good to know that the only person who has to be with you when you exercise at home is you. Another thing is when your at home you don’t have to worry about time.Those of you who get pumped when you work out with a buddy, a gym may be a better idea than working out at home. At the gym, you’ll also more of a selection of equipment as well, far more than you’ll have at home.If you need other services than just weights and equipment, the gym may have just what you need. If you plan to swim a triathlon, you’ll find the swimming pool at the gym to be just what you need to prepare yourself. Swimming is another great way to exercise, as it will work muscles in your body that you probably never even knew you had.Gyms will also offer you to take classes that you might find to be very helpful. If you attend a class every day, you may be into it enough to say that you have been there at class working out and getting into shape. You can also meet new and more people in class or just help others out if you wish.All in all, making the choice of working out at home or in the gym is up to you but make the right choice. The most important choice you will need to make is what kind of place you want to be in while you’re working out do you want to be at home or in the gym.

Opt For Preventive Care To Reduce The Cost of Healthcare

People often do not prioritize their health and visit the hospital or their doctors while detecting some disease-causing symptoms in their bodies. However, preventive care is the best possible way everyone can undertake and cease the risk factors before the symptoms become dangerous and life-threatening. The following article will focus completely on preventive health care and how it helps reduce further costs involved with healthcare.

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What is Preventive Care?

Preventive health care or prophylaxis involves the measures that people consider for preventing any diseases. The form of healthcare includes utilizing medical services or precautions that fight against the potential health crisis. It is the most important step that people can adopt in better management of their health.

Several factors such as genetic predisposition, lifestyle, environmental factors, and disease agents affect people’s health. Hence, everyone must undergo periodic health check-ups and screening tests from the doctors.

People opt for preventive health care for maintaining better health, and eliminating the disease becomes serious. Preventive care in conjunction with medicines will save a patient from health breakdown and save money from future expenses, especially if the patient is suffering from a chronic disease.

What are the Preventative Care Services?

Here are some of the examples of preventive health care services, along with their frequencies. ·

Annual Check-up (1 per calendar year): During the annual check-up, the doctor or Primary Care Provider (PCP) checks all areas of a person’s health, including physical and psychological. Examining the patients in detail helps in detecting any health care concerns in the early stages.

· Flu Shot (1 per year): Most health plans include flu shots and protect the patients from all strains of flu viruses.

· Mammogram (1 calendar year, after the patient attains the age of 40 years): Patients over the age of 40 must undergo routine x-rays of breast tissues and check for signs of cancer and other abnormalities. Some health plans might cover the costs of 3D imaging. ·

Colonoscopy (usually once in every decade after the age of 50) for detecting colon cancer.

· Vaccinations, including boosters for such as measles, rubella, polio, etc. administered during childhood.

Preventive health care helps keep people productive and active, enabling them to earn well during their senior years. Studies show that approximately 35% of people have to consider early retirement, even before they are financially ready. Opting for affordable, preventive care helps in reducing the numbers.

Why Should Patients Opt for Preventive Care?

Access to preventive health care helped reduce healthcare costs among Americans, as the physicians can prevent or treat the disease before the patient needs emergency room (ER) care. Almost one-third of costs in America include hospital care, which is undoubtedly very expensive. In 2010, 21.4% of adults paid at least a visit to the emergency room, which reduced to 18.6% in 2017. Adults not having affordable access to preventive care are more likely to pay a couple of visits to the emergency room.

Statistics show that 7% of the adults in the age group of 18-64 paid visits to the ER in 2014, as they had no other option, regardless of their health insurance status. About 77% of Americans went to the emergency rooms due to complications in their health, including those whose doctors advised them for emergency room care. Approximately 15.4% of uninsured adults in 2014 are more likely to use the emergency room, as they lacked other providers.

Undoubtedly, the cost of ER care for uninsured patients was extremely high. Hospitals provide care, even if the patient fails to provide fees for their services. As hospitals must recover the cost, they shift to Medicaid and health insurance premiums, which increases the healthcare cost for everyone.

Impact of Preventive Care Cost on Health Care Costs

Chronic diseases are the major leading cause of death among people, either preventable or manageable with regular visits to health care. These include:

· Heart diseases

· Cancer

· Stroke and

· Chronic lower respiratory diseases

Poor nutrition and obesity are the leading cause of heart disease and stroke. Genetics and smoking lead to lung cancer, which is the most common type of cancer. Obesity also risks several other forms of cancer.

Treating these chronic diseases is expensive, even before they reach emergency room status. Approximately 90% of the 3.5 trillion USD includes health care expenditures for people suffering psychological problems and chronic diseases. Patients who never went for preventative care or did not have any prescription coverage failed to afford the treatments, screenings, regular check-ups, and medications that would manage the underlying conditions of the disease. Instead, they head up to the emergency rooms with cases of strokes, heart attacks, and other complications.

However, with regular access to affordable, preventive care, the patients were more likely to discover and manage their chronic conditions. Doing so lowers the chances of visiting the emergency rooms and investing more into expensive treatments for those diseases, which passed regular management. With the decrease in the expenditure for treatments, the overall healthcare cost also decreases for everyone, as the hospitals no longer try to cover the treatment cost of the uninsured patients.

When and What Preventive Health Care is the Most Suitable?

A patient’s primary health care provider will help him or her coordinate the most suitable shots and tests. While analyzing the beneficial shots, the health care provider will consider certain aspects such as family history, age, sex, current health status, and several other factors.


Preventive health care often covers 100% of health plans and offers the patients several benefits both in cost and health. However, if the patient experiences doubts or are in dilemmas about the things covered and tests conducted, he or she must communicate with the physician at the earliest.

Everyone knows, “health is wealth.” If a patient is healthy, he or she will perform the best. However, it is also important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, reducing the risk factors and saving the patients from spending money on medicines.

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